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• I am sorry for not reply your email before, but in my last day in Italy I was without internet and yesterday I was in transit. The order arrived yesterday morning!! I do not how, but you did!!!! Thank you very much for your interest and support. The products are with me in Brazil already. As soon as I use then I will send you the pics.
Once again thank you very much and if you need some information about Brazil, please feel free to ask me.
Best Regards - Carlos - 24/05/2013

• Good day Tristan, Today I received my order. Everything is perfect. Thank you for quick delivery. Best regards - Julija - (21/05/2013)

• You are awesome!!! I am really glad that you made it!  Thanks a lot!  Warm regards,  Isabela C (7th of April 2013)


• I really appreciate all your efforts in order to help me. I am very thankfull to you!!! I will let you as soon as we receive the package.  Warm regards,  Isabela C


• Je tiens à vous remercier tout d'abord pour vos réponses et accompagnement lors de mes envois, puis pour le geste commercial que vous venez de m'octroyer.   Cordialement   Jacques S. (2nd of May 2013)


• Bonsoir,  La livraison s'est bien passée, effectuée par votre livreur spécialisé dont il faut reconnaître qu'il fait la meilleure impression. Merci pour vos efforts soutenus. Bien à vous.  M Dominique G. (29th of April 2013)


• Dear Tristan,   Yesterday I received the new roll! It is super! Thank you very much again for your kind assistance!   With the best regards Veronika (25th od April 2013)


• Good morning,  Yesterday I received the order.  Thank you for the good cooperation.  Good luck!  respectfully Mindaugas (24th of April 2013)


• Thank you very much! I have now made my new order and payed with credit card, it all went well, perfect! :-)  - iPhone  Maja K D (21th of April 2013)


• Hi!  The Ritz of London called me saying they just received the order. Thank you for your attention and patience.  Luciana B. (11th of April 2013)


• Coucou Tristan,  Je l'ai reçu!!  Merci et bon WE,  Véronique (5th of April 2013)


• Just to inform u that I receive the package on Friday.  Thanks a lot. Have a nice day Lefteris (28th of March 2013)


• Bonjour,  le papier peint a bien été livré, dès ce matin,  merci de votre efficacité  cordialement  Nadine de B. (19th of March 2013) 


• Hi, You wouldn't believe it. The samples have just arrived. They look great.  Thanks  Sent from my iPhone - Liz SH. (13th of March 2013)


• Tristan, vous êtes un pro du commerce !! Je vous remercie infiniment et ne manquerais pas de vous recontacter. Bonne journée à vous Martine M. (11th of March 2013)


• Bonjour, Les rouleaux son arrivés ce matin, merci beaucoup ! CD (23th of February 2013)


• Bonjour, Heureuse nouvelle, je viens de recevoir l'échantillon et l'expédition est bien celle datée du 14 février..     Avec tous mes remerciements.     Très cordialement     Alain A


• Hi to the team, Super! hope it's not a mistake and it's really somewhere near))) thank you! you're great as always! NS (12th of February 2013)


• Hello,  I think I ordered the wallpaper according to your instructions. Big thanks, you helped me a lot. If and when you come to Montenegro I would like to be my guest.  Kind regards, Peter DP. (11th of February)


• Hi Tristan, Happy new year to you too! Great to hear from you! What a great site!   We would like to get 2 rolls of wallpaper as well as some samples of your other wall papers Warm regards Nancy J. (13th of January 2013)


• Merci !!!     Hélène G. (7th of January 2013)


• Bonjour, Je vais faire poser le papier peint Elitis Glass Nacre que je vous ai commandé. Pourriez- vous me mettre en contact ou me faire donner des renseignements techniques de pose de ce papier très spécial : Encollage du papier ou du mur ?  Double encollage ?  Quel type de colle ?   Bref je suis un peu perdue et je ne voudrais pas que ce soit loupé !   Merci d’avance pour vos précieux renseignements.     Hélène G. (7th of January 2013)


• Dear Sir,  I'm very pleased with your attention! Thank you a lot!!! I've just placed an extra-order using the code you kindly provided. Thank you once again! Sincerely yours, Natalya (6th of January 2013)


• Thank you, I understand it was bad timing. Please do not think I am blaming you , I know you always do your best. I hope you have a nice weekend and get all your Xmas present shopping finished. Thanks James (22th of December 2012) 


• Dear Tristan, I'm rely on you in full! Thank you!  Natalya (16th of December 2012)

• Bonsoir,  Nous avons bien reçu le colis hier en chronopost, en parfait état et absolument conforme à notre attente.   Merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme,  Cordialement,  Marc F. (6th of December 2012)


• Oh thank you so much!!! Couldn't see on website that it had been dispatched!   Have a lovely day!  Kind regards,  Katrina C. (3rd of December 2012)


• Bonjour,   merci pour l’explication, et le geste commercial....   Bien cordialement   Alain P. (26th of November)


• Thank you so much. I have placed and paid the order. Hope to receive it in good order soon. Have a good weekend. Kind regards, Diana I. (23th of November 2012)


• I think it is a great idea! We will certainly do pictures and send to you, it will be our pleasure:)  Best regard,  Anna (22th of November 2012)


• Bonjour,   Bien reçu , ce jour, les nouveaux rouleaux : livraison OK   Les 2 rouleaux livrés par erreur sont repartis, eux aussi, ce jour avec le bordereau de retour joint. Merci pour votre professionnalisme   Bien cordialement   Jean-Philippe B. (21th of November 2012)


• Just a short note to say that the wallpaper has arrived.  Many thanks for all your help.   Cheers, Beata B. (13th of November 2012)


• Just to let you know that we have recieved our order of the Elitis Chance Perfecto.  Everything is in perfect order.   Thanks a lot for your excellent service.  Will surely return should we need and will recommend to friends.   Best regards, Mignonne V. (5th of November 2012)


• Hi, we found our order for Customs and is now engaged in its design. Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely Vasiliy S. (31th of August 2012)


• Dear Tristan,  Thank you very much for a very quick and friendly response.  I would certainly appreciate if you can check for me the wallpaper the next Wednesday.  Thanks for your patience.   Best regards, Ana D. (30th of August 2012)


• Dear Tristan, All is clear ! Courier made mistake but finnaly I got my order ! Many thanks for your cooperation and professional support ! Best regards from Poland. Krzysztof K. (16th of August)


• Une seule! Il s'agit d'une erreur à force de modifier le caddie. Merci de l'avoir relevée. Et merci pour votre sens éthique concernant la confidentialité, si seulement tout le monde avait la même... Bonne journée. Xavière D. (8th of August 2012)


• Oui vous avez raison mais j'étais en vacances depuis mardi dernier...  C'est arrivé!  Je vous remercie infiniment et vous tiendrai au courant de la suite d'ici au 1 et juin.  À très bientôt  Olivier (21th of May 2012)


• Thank you so much Tristan - I very much appreciate the kind messages and diligence in following up, you all have been a pleasure to do business with!! Thank you very much - Courtney   Sent from my iPhone (14 of May 2012)


• Hello Tristan, I'm outside my country until tomorrow but my Sister had confirmed that the samples have arrived and I'm exited to open the box and see all of them. Thank you very, very much for your time, your perseverance to send me the samples. I'm so happy.  Best Regards!!!!!!! Rosa (24th of April 2012)


• Bonjour nous avons bien recu le nouveau rouleau nous vous remercions de votre sérieux . vous savez fidéliser le client et soyez sur que nous serons faire votre publicité merci encore cordialement . Mathilde C (15th of April 2012)


• Bonjour,  Les échantillons sont arrivés!, merci de votre rapidité! Ils ne correspondent en tout point à mon attente... quel relief !, je vous remercie sincérement !  bonne journée!, Cordialement , Monique G (12th of April 2012)


• I am glad this solution and  this good news, and Im so sorry for this problem. Hope in futur can't not disturb you again. You are so gentle and friendly. Thanks for every think  Best Regards!!!! and,  also, the weather still like spring!!!!  Rosa (8th of March 2012)


• Hi,  Order delivered this afternoon and accepted.  Thank you!  Graham (17th of February 2012)

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