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The ethnic style is particularly appreciated since a few years. That is why we suggest you discovering the ethnic wallpapers which we selected on our online shop!

The ethnic wallpaper: an invitation in the travel

The ethnic style is going to allow you to escape without moving from your home. Indeed, the ethnic inspiration is a real invitation in the journey: you will have the impression to be in the distant parts of the country of Africa, China or still Japan. Besides, this style brings a particularly warm look to any room: if your inside seems to you too cold, thus you will make an excellent choice by managing you towards an atmosphere as this one.

For example, the model Soledad RM 556 of Elitis is going to make travel you at the heart of the east. And the wallpaper El Dorado of Elitis will transport you in a unique universe and zen.

The selection of deco-indoor

the biggest marks, as Elitis or HW, are interested in the ethnic atmospheres. We selected their most beautiful Japanese, African and oriental wallpapers so that you can create an atmosphere convenient to the escape in your lounge or your chamber. One thing's for sure: your inside will be really transformed with your new paper peint.

There are 73 products

There are 73 products